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Indian “secular democracy” exposed…

31, July, 2009


Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi cant get a house in Pali Hill (Mumbai, India), Friday 31 July 2009. Video link here

The news about top Bollywood stars facing religious discrimination in India (news link here), only goes to expose baseless claims about “secular democracy, equality and harmony in India.  Religious discrimination against top Bollywood stars who happened to be Muslims in the largest world “secular democracy” is nothing less than the ugliest face of India where, thanks to Hindutva-RAW bigots in Gujarat and Mumbai, ordinary Christians and Sikhs are also considered fourth class citizens, their human rights abused, and justice subverted to protect Hindu extremists, criminals and terrorists.

Emraan Hashmi video clips link here.

For other diligent information about human and womens rights violations, plight of poor villagers displaced by a dam project in Gujarat, massacres of Christians and Muslims, freedom of speech strangled, competition stifled, plagarism in Bollywood, and Indian intelligence agency RAW-media assets exposed here, click here to see video clips linked